Melle Image Film

We are happy to present our new Image Film. It shows the calluna cultivation from cutting to the final plant and gives an idea of how we work. At the moment only the German version is available but the English one will follow soon. We hope you enjoy it!

Calluna Catalogue

The preperations for the Calluna Season 2017 are in full swing and our catalogue is now ready for you. If your are interest in our assortment and like to read more about Melle´s Calluna, open the following link (PDF 6 MB): Calluna Catalogue

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Do you already know the latest novelty in the world of heather? A completely new cultivation process makes it possible to twine differently coloured Calluna sprouts with each other to create a unique play of colours. Twister-Girls® are offered in 13, 15 and 17cm diameter flowerpots. For more information please visit

Our Vision – “Peat-free Gardening”

Who thinks about the consequences for our environment when purchasing plants? Only few people know what hides behind the innocuous term “soil”: Most products consist mainly of peat, the resource our fenlands are made of. Since 2014 the nursery Melle produces peat-free Gardengirls®, which soil consists of renewable resources such as coconut and wood fibre. It is an alternative to the conventional production and will be further expanded in the future. More information can be found in our Calluna catalogue or on the flyer “Save fenlands – garden peat-free” (only available in German).

Image Trailer Gärtnerei Melle

Beautiful heather bloom

Just married

These beautiful wedding pictures prove once more that the nursery Melle is the other nursery. Have a look these pictures speak for themselves. Photos are property WILMS Fotografie and PELKA Photodesign Internet presence: E-Mail:
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