Our History – A Success Story

In 1946 Georg Melle laid the foundations of our company.
The takeover of the company by Günter Melle – 31 years later in the year 1977 – followed with significant changes. Especially the area of flowerbed and balcony plants which was expanded successfully and entailed a direct sale of plants out of the greenhouses. At “Melle – Blumen and Ambiente” (“Melle – Flowers and Ambience”) customers could purchase all home-produced plants but also house plants, cut flowers, ceramics and decorative items back then.

The ambitious and success oriented Günter Melle was well-known for his motto: “Good is not good enough” and won numerous renowned awards such as “Germany’s most beautiful nursery”, “Nursery of the year”, as well as “Nursery with the best marketing”. In 1996 and 1997 he even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records thanks to the world’s biggest petunia. The petunia measured a steep 2.57m (normally petunias usually do not exceed a height of ca. 1.5m). His pride and joy: even famous celebrities such as Elton John cultivated Melle plants in their gardens.

In the 80s Günter Melle took up a new challenge: common heather. Initially, he just wanted to use these plants to cover the off peak months but some years later these plants had become so successful that it was no longer possible to imagine Melle’s “success range” without them.

Due to expansion in 1996 the main production of the nursery Melle was moved from Ganderkesee to Birkenheide. There, one can now find heather and greenhouses on a grand 17 hectares of land, as well as being the location for summer flower production and selling.

In 2011, Carolin Melle took over the company and since then has been successfully leading it in accordance with her predecessors.

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